What is Extra Life?

Extra Life is a gaming marathon that takes place all over the country on November 7th to November 8th.  It goes for a straight 24 hours of gaming and all proceeds go to children's hospitals to help sick children.  It's a great opportunity for gamers to do what we love and do something wonderful, not to mention connect with other Extra Lifers everywhere.

In 2008, the Sarcastic Gamers Community did a 24 hour marathon to honor the memory of Victoria Enmon who passed away of acute lymphoblastic cancer.  Every year since, this event has been open to anyone that wants to participate.  A lot of us either know families of sick children or have had to go through that ourselves.  We play so that we can support our local hospitals and say fewer goodbyes and more hellos to brighter futures.

Extra Life has been encouraging participants to send their stories and videos in to answer the question "Why do you play?".  The stories are inspiring and range from playing in honor of someone they knew to playing for someone who is currently battling disease or has been healthy for years.  If you are moved by these stories, please consider donating, or picking up a controller and helping us raise money for local children's hospitals.