We did it!

Posted by Deb on October 23, 2014

I keep finding myself going to Team Moon Moon's page on Extra Life and staring at it for a moment before grinning stupidly.  We not only raised $1,000, we went over.  More than that, we have yet to play in the main event.

That's mind-blowing.

I'll admit, when I asked people to form a team last year and try the marathon, I was very scared that it would all fall apart.  I didn't have a lot of faith in myself as a captain and I wasn't sure anybody I knew would be as excited to do this.  On top of it, I wasn't sure of how we'd convince friends and family to give us money when we had nothing tangible to give them in return.  I was really foolish to think any of that.  Not only did Cory, Nate and Aaron respond enthusiastically that they'd love to play games for 25 hours straight (DST added an hour last year), they started coming up with ways to share the event with other people and make it more fun.  And it wasn't just the four of us, we had thirteen people in the house at one point last year because our friends wanted to stop by and participate.  And asking people for donations turned out to be pretty easy too, because when you say you're raising money for sick children, people don't mind tossing $25 toward that goal.  What probably motivated a lot of us was the fact that we knew someone with a very sick child and that this event would help kids like her to get better.  So, even though $500 seemed out of reach when I set that goal for Team Moon Moon, we still reached and went over it, raising $650 by the end of our donation window.

This year, I was hopeful.  I figured we could raise $500 again, and even if we didn't reach $1,000, we would still have done something to help.  And, once again, I was shocked to see how much support we were given by the people that know and love us.  So, now that you've given so much to us, we're going to make Extra Life 2014 incredible.  We can't wait to stream ourselves playing games, getting way too tired to form sentences and eventually yell at the sun as it's rising.  There are lots of things planned to make watching us more fun, and I hope everyone that likes to game will hop online and join us.  Even if you don't like gaming, you should pop into the chat and talk to us, or stop by if you live nearby.  One of the coolest things about doing this is that we get to hang out with so many people, so please don't be shy.

And, not for the last time, thank you to everyone who donated through us to fund The Philadelphia Children's Hospital and The Johns Hopkins Children's Hospital.  You all deserve an extra life.

- Deb