aaron_extra.jpgAaron Sanders

Aaron spent a fair portion of Extra Life 2013 bouncing between NES games and old 90s LucasArts graphic adventures while somehow managing to eat most of the onion rolls on hand. He has logged far too many hours in Awesomenauts to be so bad at it, but continues playing anyway. A regular on the Bottled Fuchsia podcast, Aaron can usually be found either hammering away at difficult platformers (Super Meat Boy, Volgarr the Viking, any Mega Man game) or knee-deep in whatever the latest Nintendo release was, as few and far between as they are.

cory_extra.jpgCory Burns

Cory is a guy that does things.  He's not very attractive but that hasn't hampered him much.  He likes healing children with the power of playing video games as far away from sick children as possible .  He also enjoys board games and occasionally writes.  He also does a podcast (soon!) and Let's Plays (not quite as soon!).

Cory Says:  Give me money so these damn children will leave me alone.




Deborah Dalcin

Deb works as a web developer at Straighterline in Baltimore, MD.  When not writing a variety of applications for the educational tech field, she enjoys getting very upset over the new generations of pokemon that just aren't as comfortable and familiar as the original 151.  Her favorite game genres are RPGs (currently Bastion), point and click adventure, any of the Civ games and sometimes puzzles.  She managed to win a round of Super Smash Brothers in Extra Life 2013, using Jigglypuff and fighting three other Jigglypuffs.




Jon Jinks

Jon is a founding member of Bottled Fuchsia and the newest 24-hour member of Team Moon Moon at least until we finally sucker someone else into pulling a 24 hour shift.  Jon enjoys mixing his love of video games with his ever growing interest in video production.  Jon recently married his long time girlfriend Suzanne and could not be happier.  In his free time he tries to play ALL the games so he can tell you which ones are worth playing.  Destiny.  It's the only game.  Jon is playing for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia!